Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Times

I have been quiet this last while, and trust me, it's not for a lack of things on my mind. We've just been busy. I've always heard how busy June could be, but I never believed it would be busy for someone in Kindergarten. How wrong I was.

A few fun days at school here and there, the last field trip, birthday parties (not just June birthdays, but July birthdays too!), soccer, and miscellaneous other bits of fun that signal the start of summer. Plus, Meaghan turns 6 in a week, so there has been plenty of birthday talk to fill any voids.

But, I still find time to scrapbook a bit. I copied pretty much everything in this layout from the one found here:

And, since this is a full on scraplift, I did a short post over at Tricky Nag Designs about scraplifting, and why it's ok to do.


  1. Very nice color scheme and layout. I don't see how it matters one iota if it was a scraplift - you've personalized it. Yes, I remember all the birthday parties ... never-ending it seemed!