Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sleep Fund

Meaghan and Eamon do not sleep in. Meaghan wakes up just about every single day before 6:30.  If she sleeps until 7, WOW, did she ever sleep in. Eamon has decided to follow suit and wakes up right around the time Meaghan does, sometimes earlier.

In an effort to relive the glorious days of sleeping in, I have offered each one $1 for every day of summer holidays that they sleep until 7. They will also receive their loonies if they play quietly in their rooms until 7.

This plan may not work at all, but it keeps my dream alive.

On days I don't pay out, that money will go into my money fund for something fun and frivolous come September. At least that thought will put a smile on my face on those early mornings.

The sleep fund after night one:
Meaghan $0
Eamon $0
Me $2


  1. Hahahahaha, something tells me that you'll be a rich woman by the end of the summer.

  2. Great plan... either way, you win!