Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thoughts on the Last Day of School

Today is Meaghan's first Last Day of School! I find it hard to believe that she has finished Kindergarten. 

Until this year started I spent a lot of time with her. When I wasn't with her, I pretty much knew exactly what she was doing. But this year, she'd head off to school on the bus and just over three hours later, arrive by bus at our doorstep. For a few short hours every weekday, she lived apart from me in a world that was more hers than mine.

Until this year, nobody relied on the kids to pass on information. But, the world changes in Kindergarten. She had routines and rules set by others and communicated to her, not me. We'd get notes and items in the newsletter for the important things, but some bits of information were left to the kids to pass along to us. If they needed money for the bake sale or the fundraiser that sold popcorn, the kids had to remember to tell us so they could take it to school. I struggled sometimes trying to interpret information that passed through the brain of someone in Kindergarten and then out of her mouth. But we survived.

I'm grateful for school and the independence it helps teach. While Meaghan undoubtedly missed out on some things because she forgot to mention it to me, those things did not do permanent damage, but may have helped her remember the next time. 

And while I'm on the issue of grateful, I am also grateful for 

  • the friends Meaghan made this year (and the fact these friends have great moms)
  • the terrific bus drivers who took their jobs seriously
  • a Kindergarten teacher that knew what she was doing and focussed on what really matters in this world
  • a school principal who runs an elementary school as it should be run
  • the parent helpers who helped Meaghan in class
  • an all round excellent year that reinforced for Meaghan that learning is fun and that school is an awesome place to spend time!

Only 63 days until Grade 1 begins, so get enjoying summer holidays!


  1. The first year is always the hardest - on us that is! The summer will go by quickly, so you're right - everyone get out there :)

  2. I'm glad her first year(and yours) was so positive:) She looks darling up there!