Friday, July 22, 2011

Panned Photos, or, Where's his Face?

I am quite taken with panned photos -- where your subject is mostly in focus, but then the background is all blurred because of all the movement. I'm not terrific at taking these types of photos, but it's not for lack of trying. Anytime the kids are doing any kind of horizontal movement I take dozens of these photos. Sometimes one even turns out.

I tried my hand at panning in the midway at Fort Edmonton the other day. This particular photo is the best of the lot. But that little stinker Eamon avoided the camera. Again.

I have very few shots of his face. Lots of the back of his head, or his hand coming at me like I'm some type of paparazzo invading his precious privacy.

He thinks it's funny now, but will he when he's older and realizes I have a few photos of his face at this age, but hundreds of Meaghan? I hope he can afford the therapy.


  1. Eamon is clearly a Man of Mystery. Great shot!

  2. Love the brilliant colors in this shot - it turned out great!