Sunday, August 21, 2011

America's Got Talent

In a weak moment early this summer while Kerry was out of town, I sat down to check out "America's Got Talent." I thought I knew what to expect and only watched it because I'd read that Howie Mandel bugs Piers Morgan.

I am hooked.

I cannot but love a show that gives talented misfits who have had horrible lives, a chance to strut their stuff, receive amazing feedback, hear the crowd cheer for them, and be for that moment (and maybe longer), a superstar. Remember Susan Boyle?

This season I have a soft spot for Daniel Joseph Baker. He's 19 and hails from Katy, Texas. Sharon Osbourne (judge) called him this generation's Liberace. Based on the bio bits about him, he doesn't fit in, has few friends, and sings mostly in his home. Yet since his first audition he has become quite the sensation.

He's now into the semi-finals and even if he doesn't "win", the show will have given him a shot at his dream. See why I'm hooked on the show?

Anyway, here is Daniel Joseph Baker's first audition for the show. I won't inundate you with more DJB, but on YouTube you will find his Vegas audition and quarter-final performance.

America's Got Talent is on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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  1. I haven't been watching this show, but now you've got me cheering for him too! I'll have to tune in to see if he wins! But I hope he gets that sweating thing under control. It inhibits his arm waving.