Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Wish I'd Had My Camera: Walk to the Bus, Part II

Meaghan's friend O accompanied us to the morning school bus for a couple of weeks in September. Both Meaghan and Eamon looked forward to her arrival each morning.

When the alarm went off signalling we had to get ready to walk out the door, no one fooled around. Meaghan, O, and Eamon happily got ready and skipped on out the door to head down the street together, hogging the entire sidewalk. 

They laughed. They talked. They bounced.

I adore Meaghan and O for including Eamon so easily, and making him part of the morning walk. Even though he had to say good-bye to them at the bus and walk home with me, the glory of being with the girls as an equal completely outweighed the letdown of seeing them off.

I fully intended to take my camera and get a photo of these three walking to the bus, but I took my sweet time. Suddenly, O's mom's schedule changed (a change that we knew would be coming) and our last morning together had come and gone.

I wish I'd had my camera to capture any one of the mornings and the lively, fun-filled walks that included all three kids.

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