Sunday, October 23, 2011


A neighbourhood in Adelaide (Australia) is about to get a little bit better. 

Our neighbours, now friends, are on the plane to the land down under to begin an adventure that may last a couple of years, or maybe longer.

I'm going to miss my friend. She is warm and loving and fun. She has a tremendous sense of humour. She easily makes and keeps friends. She is an awesome neighbour.

She tries to do what is right in raising her kids, and freely admits to potential "mistakes" and discusses her fears. She is honest. There is no sense of competition. Her daughter started reading early on and way before her friends, yet there was never a sense of "you mean your daughter hasn't finished Shakespeare's sonnets yet? We've moved onto his comedies."

I have no doubt that by Christmas time she will have not only met many of her new neighbours, but will also be going to the playground and beach with them. She likely doesn't realize this yet, but there is a small part of her brain already organizing the block party.

Her new neighbours are a lucky lot.


  1. Why do the good ones always move away and the pains in the ass stay put forever?