Monday, October 3, 2011

Organizing Sensation

At the moment, I am an organizing sensation! Yes, you read that right: Organizing sensation!

I have spent many hours trying to decide what to do with Meaghan's crafts and art from school, or done at home, that may be worth keeping. In preschool, I took a whole of lot of photos with grand plans to put together a photobook, but alas, the photos sit on my hard drive. Most unsatisfactory.

This summer I decided to buy a big three-ring binder and page protectors. I dug out the Pampers box filled with paper and within the hour had all of the art work I'd been saving tucked away into a binder. I put in one thing per page protector and then wrote on the back of the craft/art when it was done and any other tidbits I wanted to add.

Not all the art fit nicely into the page protectors, but I don't care. I got it in there. It's now ALL out of the Pampers box that was sitting under the server in the dining room for well over a year, maybe two.

The top shelf of my closet with the binders, plus two empty ones to help me continue with this organizing spree.
All the art up until the end of Kindergarten now sits in the binder on a shelf the closet of my craft room. It looks mighty fine up there. (It helps that the Kindergarten teacher put the larger art projects into a large scrapbook. If the grade one teacher doesn't continue this, I will.) Some day I will add fancy labels to everything, but for the moment, it's put away.
Down in the dining room, I have the binders in progress for both Meaghan and Eamon tucked away with some page protectors so that as good stuff gets done, it gets put away after hanging up in the kitchen for a while.

This organizational accomplishment makes me swoon, but it's only the start.

Since Meaghan was born I have a couple of folders where I've just thrown things in: birth records from the hospital, first hair cuts, our Christmas letters, certificates they kids have received, report cards, school photos etc. Now, each of those pieces of paper has its own page protector in its own section in each child's binder - separate from the craft binder.

I am amazing even myself.

Meaghan's is the most flushed out at the moment. The sections include:

a.   Miscellaneous: birth records from the hospital, first hair cut, invitations to her birthday parties, etc.

b.   Sports: all those certificates, cards and programs from her activities;

c.   Christmas: divided by year and includes the Santa photo, our Christmas letter, Christmas stamp, Letter from Santa, and the Christmas card we sent out.

d.   School: divided by year and includes the progress reports and year-end certificate

e.   School Photos

This system will be easy to keep up. Everything now has a place, rather than putting it into some random folder. When the binder gets too full, I'll start a separate binder for each section. I know I could do that now, but I don't need a bunch of mostly empty binders hogging my shelf space.

Please don't be alarmed by this post. True to form the organizing is not yet complete. I still have the folder with some things that I only have one copy of. I plan on making a copy of these bits to add one to each kids' binder. 

I wonder if I'll get that done before they leave home?


  1. You must have been bit by Fall Fever!
    Wow, what a lot of work! My kid's stuff is still in old boxes,lol

  2. That's why I needed to do it before grade 1 got too far along. Another few months and I would have the boxes for life!