Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Love of Books, Part 2

You'll recall in my last post, I'd realized I had too many books; e-books were too expensive; but I'm hooked on reading in the dark with my iPad. What's a girl to do?

Hello Library! (Nicely guessed Samber)

As soon as I realized our library has e-books available to borrow I finished my last Kindle app book and never looked back. So easy. So glorious. So affordable. I can now search for books while lying in bed, click a button and voià, begin reading without spending a dime.

This e-book discovery renewed  my acquaintance with the library - which has been fleeting and rather dismal in the past. Sure, I spent oodles of time at the library in university, but let's be honest -- everyone had their little table or cubicle or spot, that really acted more like their unofficial office. In addition to being a place to get some work done, it gave people a chance to find you easily should it be coffee time.

So frankly, I've never been a public library person. But that has changed.

Eamon has started going to story time - something that just never worked with our schedule until this year. He loves it! He participates. He sits. He listens. Then at the end, he's always keen to grab a book or two.

And then we explored a bit. CDs, DVDs, and Wii games. To top it all off, a self-checkout that Eamon can't wait to use. Wow! Our library bears very little resemblance to the local library of my youth.

I had feared that we would misplace books, or some of the other fun stuff, but so far so good. The kids have been great about keeping everything where it should be. This little book holder I made (thank you to has helped.

And, the e-mail reminders for due items have been appreciated and relied upon, heavily.

So now, I am a public library person.


  1. The public library was my absolute life line when I was a kid. It meant everything to me. Glad you and your kids are getting into it too!

  2. I just downloaded a new book this evening!

    I like the book holder,smart idea and it looks nice too. Better than the big basket I use that the dog chews on and the cats steal.

  3. Fabulous, public library meets the 21st century! Love the book holder :)

  4. I love being right! ;) But I still love paper books. I've had to buy 2 books recently because the library only has e-versions of them...

  5. I just got turned onto your blog by a friend - but I have a great trick for library books. Your kids are allowed to take them out in multiples of one number. So Elizabeth can take out 3 books, 6 books or 9 books, but not 2, 4 or 8. That way when I'm trying to find them on the day of return, I know if I'm missing any!