Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time to Order Your Christmas Photo Cards

Although I use this blog mainly as a place to record the bits and pieces from our family life that likely won't get recorded elsewhere, I digress today to do a bit of self-promotion.

At the moment on my website I'm offering 15 different styles of Christmas photo cards for sale, all designed by me.

The cards are 4" x 5.5" and fit nicely in invitation size envelopes, which are provided with the cards. They cost $1 each and a minimum order of 20 cards is required. If you can't pick up your cards, I'll mail them to you for a flat fee of $5, regardless of the size of your order. 

If you would like to order some cards, e-mail your photos with your card and greeting request. Within 24 hours I'll send you a sample to approve. Your cards will be ready within 3 days of your approval.

To see all 15 styles of cards, and for more information, please click here.

Only 7 weeks until Christmas!


  1. I've been trying not to use the 'C' word until now! But I guess the time has come :) Love that last card!

  2. I found this post regarding Christmas photo cards ideas and I just got interested with your creation on how you explicate even the most simple details.Thanks for sharing such informative one. Keep on posting!