Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Word of the Year

Since my birthday has come and gone, it's time to move onto a new word. This year's word fits rather nicely as a continuation of last year's patience, and the slowing down of my life. Now that I've made the effort to calm down and slow down our lives, I'm going to listen. That's it, that's my word. And if I stick with it, I'll have an interesting year.

I plan to listen - 

  • instead of talking (anyone else see this as a challenge that may be too big to conquer?)
  • instead of interrupting (another challenge since you have to know you're doing it before you can stop doing it)
  • instead of trying to always fix
  • to the rhythms of our family life (and then follow those rhythms)
  • to the details
  • to absorb stories
  • to ask better questions
  • for hidden messages or the undercurrents of what's really being said

Patience treated me well. I'm sure Listen will too.

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