Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Things: Meaghan's Christmas Shopping

I have no qualms stealing great ideas.

Last year at Christmas, my friend Kirby told me that her daughter did her own Christmas shopping at the dollar store with her own money. She picked out gifts for everyone. Fabulous, and so much better than simply adding the kids' names to our gifts (which is what I've always done). Definitely an idea worth copying.

Today, I took Meaghan to the dollar store with the list of people for whom she should buy presents. She carefully chose a gift for each person. Thought went into every single choice. By the end of our trip, she felt mighty pleased with her purchases. 

All of the gifts are terrific, but for different reasons. Eamon will be delighted with his pirate ship model. I'm not so sure the recipient of the pot scrubbers will be as thrilled, even though the pot scrubbers are brightly coloured and rather beautiful. All of the recipients will be pleased to know Meaghan stayed away from the fancy toilet bowl scrubber once she realized what it was.

I didn't take Eamon around to buy his own gifts. He just isn't quite ready. But in a couple of years he too will be walking the aisles of the dollar store in search of the perfect gifts.

So, thank you Kirby for giving me a fantastic idea that will be copied for many years to come.


  1. I think I will use this great idea too... So thank you Tracy (and Kirby). :)

  2. Pot scrubbers and toilet bowl cleaners -- she has a nice, practical bent to her. Well done, Meaghan!

  3. I've caught snippets of conversations between children and their parents more than a few times at the dollar store the past few weeks and figured out the kids were doing their Christmas shopping. It's a great, economical and practical idea!