Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am not terribly athletic, but I do like to ski. It's a great sport where you can head out with anyone of any level, see them throughout the day and then meet up at the end of the day to relive the day's triumphs. Plus, I love the idea of a family ski holiday. Again, regardless of anyone's skill level, we can all head out for the same activity, and thoroughly enjoy ourselves.

But, I haven't skied for a fair number of years. The skis I own are now older than many of the ski hill employees, including some of the more experienced instructors. I feared next time out I would feel as decrepit as my skis look. Consequently, even though Meaghan has repeatedly asked to ski for over two years, I hesitated getting out with her and Eamon on my own. Now, Eamon is old enough for ski lessons. I signed them up for a two day lesson earlier this week.

I'm pleased to report that we headed to the hill with two kids that had never been on skis before, and we came home with skiers! 

Admittedly, I will breathe easier once Eamon stops saying: "That's just for my lesson," every time I ask him to do something he learned in his lesson.


  1. Where about's do you ski in Canada? Been to Whistler once but we are based in the French Alps.

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  2. Sweethearts! Skiing is such a great family pursuit :)

  3. WOW. That worked like magic! Awesome little learners you have there.

  4. @skibug We took the kids to our local hill. It's been a long time since we've been to the mountains - we stuck mainly to the places in Jasper and near Banff, with the odd trip to Montana.