Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sparks Sleepover

As a kid I ventured into wide variety of activities, but for some reason I never made a foray into Brownies or Girl Guides. I know little about them beyond they sell great cookies twice a year, and they camp.

Meaghan joined Sparks this year (for 5-6 year olds). The first campout was a mother-daughter sleepover at the community hall. Surprisingly, sleeping on the floor of a big room with 30 other women didn't appeal to me all that much. However, Meaghan's excitement levels ran high for her first sleepover. So, I pushed aside the dread I felt, feigned enthusiasm, and headed off to a sleepover.

Was I surprised. The girls played games, sang songs, talked about what real beauty is, and watched science experiments. Total Girl Power.

I love that 60+ females got together to sleep in a big room and had hours of fun, co-operation, and positive energy. How great for girls to see that women can get along and accomplish things. Not a man in sight for over 16 hours.

Don't get me wrong. Men play incredibly important roles in the lives of our girls, and girls need good male role models. However, that's not what this night was about. It's good for girls to get together to learn to believe they can conquer the world. 

In fact, we've come a long way. So far actually, that our boys our failing. But that, and why I would like Scouts to be all boys, is a post for another day.

For the moment, I'm still in the wonderful aftermath of a successful Sparks sleepover.


  1. I just love being with other women. We're so powerful when we're aligned and it's so awesome to show our girls that.

  2. Once again, so well said! It sounds really special. It makes me think about my little girl, and miss good times with great women friends.

  3. Grrrl power! I was a Spark and then a Brownie - so many good memories. You're so right - there's something very nurturing and powerful about women - we need to pool our resources more often.