Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice on Whyte

Even though the days are getting longer, last week's cold snap reminds us all too well that winter can be long. Oh so long.

But I love that Edmonton is trying to embrace winter and make it something to celebrate. My favourite event of this season: Ice on Whyte.

The ice carvings blow me away. I'm amazed at people's skill and perseverance. And in the dark, the carvings are made even more spectacular with the lighting. 

We quickly looked at the carvings because the ice slides called.

The slides are tough to beat on a Saturday night in January.

They are so much fun that when I told the kids we were going to Ice on Whyte, Eamon asked without pause, if that's where the ice slides are that we went to last year. Clearly, they left an impression.

Anyone else ready for spring now?


  1. Great photos! I felt bad for the ice carvers -- they had to carve in warm conditions but then the festival itself occurred in the most frigid conditions possible! Didn't seem to deter the crowds though.

  2. And now we've warmed up! Great shots :) I really must get down to see these.