Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life: Jumping on the Bandwagon

Since moving to virtually 100% digital scrapbooking, I've found in the last year I've missed handwriting notes and adding bits of ephemera to a scrapbook page. Not that I even did all that much, but I could. Plus, not all of what I write in my little notebook to remember is worthy of a scrapbook page, but it deserves a better spot than my scrawl in my worn little book. So, hello "Project Life". 

(If you are a scrapbooker, and ever read "Creating Keepsakes" you will be well familiar with the Project Life's creator, Becky Higgins. All the info you need about the project can be found on her website:

I've seen a lot on the web over the last few months and this is a project I can definitely get into. It's essentially some fancy 12x12 page protectors and precut designed cards to fit into those page protectors. Add some fancy stickers, a few sheets of co-ordinating card stock, your own 4x6 photos, and voilà, an instant scrapbook of sorts.

There are no rules on how to do this project. Many seem to do a double spread per week. I might do that, I might not; it will depend on how much I have to say. I am looking forward to adding bits and pieces to a scrapbook together with a few words in my own hand, and some photos. The page protectors and cards that come with the kit give some nice variety in layout design so that I don't have to look at the exact same format the entire year. But the best part is the ease with which I'll be able to record some things and have those things look good.

Project Life won't replace any scrapbooking I do, but it will give a home to some immediate and everyday things that I'm either not recording, or that aren't being recorded in a way that makes me happy.

Project Life, so far:

Title Page:

I have yet to add a family photo, mostly because we don't have a recent one. I hope to remedy that this weekend.

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I like that I can add whatever I want to this project. I put in the kids' ski tags from their lessons. I added a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 page inserts to hold a printout I found to record everyone's thoughts on the past year, and in looking ahead to this year. I wouldn't have necessarily used this format on my own, but I decided it was much easier to simply print it this year rather than add one more job to my to-do list. You can find it here.

Week One:

My favourite bit at the moment is the 6x12 page divider. If you look at the top photo, you'll see it just to the right of the binder rings. On the bottom photo it's to the left of the rings. I could add 6 extra 4x6 photos for the week, yet still keep the week to essentially a double page layout.

Hopefully, I'll keep this project up throughout the year. So far it seems easy enough. Will you be jumping on the bandwagon with me?


  1. I'm going to be turning 18 years of photos into scrapbooks...wish me luck? Ha.

    I really like this idea! May be I'll start once I get started -and finished-organizing my stuff.
    Or may be I'll use this method for my photos..hmmm. Might be easier..

    1. it would be such an easy way to deal with 18 years of photos! Good Luck! And, i hope you post something about your progress.

  2. I really like what you've shown us so far! I followed the link and have to say I am impressed with the product and pricing. I'd love to get all my pics finally organized. I'm considering it, but it won't be anytime soon, I've got too many other projects already on the go.