Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ordinary Life Resumes

I've been quiet, but with good reason.

We went out of town for a long weekend last weekend. Before heading out I cleaned out my wallet. I figured I'd have little need for our City passes, science centre passes, frequent shopper cards, library cards, gift cards etc, that add up to an inch and a half of bulk that I just didn't need when out of town.

We got home. Although I love the skinny wallet, I knew I needed to return all the other cards - I never know when I may suddenly need one of them.

My problem: I couldn't find where I left the stash! I have a clear memory of removing everything, but for the life of me I cannot visualize where I was when I did it.

I searched all my usual spots. Nothing. I could hardly blog when my Starbucks card was missing!

Finally, today I found my stash of cards in our bedroom under a shirt that went from the suitcase to the top of the dresser because I'd wear soon anyway. Thank goodness I wore it today.

My ordinary life may now resume.


  1. Awwwww, your first Senior's Moment! A special time in any girl's life!

  2. I do that alll the time! Scary when we lose important things,ack!