Thursday, February 9, 2012


I rather admire Eamon's tenacity. When he decides he's going to do something, or be good at it, he quietly works away until he's satisfied with the result. There's neither drama nor tears, just persistent hard work.

The downside to this tenacity is his stubborn streak. It makes it tough to discipline him and tougher to manipulate or bribe him.

I'm going to take away that favourite toy: "That's ok. I don't like it any more anyway."
Clean up that mess or I'll throw it all out: "Ok. I'm done with it."

He sometimes doesn't want to drink his milk at supper. Every so often some game will work to get him to drink, but more often than not, I don't make a big deal of it. Getting him to sit there until it's gone is pointless. I will never win that battle and I don't want to go down that road. Plus, he does drink milk throughout the day so overall, he's getting enough. Why look for trouble.

But, recently I was rather pleased with myself. I started trying to encourage that glass of milk by telling him that drinking his milk and eating healthy will get him into the coveted booster seat with a seat belt, and out of his car seat where he's strapped in like an astronaut on lift off.

You must appreciate, the booster seat is a big deal. He constantly asks when he'll be big enough. He wants to know whether each of his friends are in a car seat, or the booster seat. The look of awe in his eyes when he discovers a friend is in a booster seat says it all. The booster seat is the place to be.

Tonight, after asking to be excused from the table I pointed out his partially drunk glass of milk and asked, "Don't you want to get into a booster seat?" 

He looked at the milk. Paused. Looked at me. And with a dismissive wave of his hand, said, "Actually, no."

I drank his milk.


  1. Oh, he's a tough nut to crack! Actually, his persistence and immunity to manipulation will lead to much career success in his life, I think. Those qualities are what's needed to really get ahead.

  2. He's a smart one - he already sees through your tricks! Is there a little passive-agressive tendency in him - my son (he's 26) has always had a little of this boiling beneath the surface and I have had to be very careful not to express too much desire one way or the other! It has to his idea or it isn't going to happen!!

    1. Could be Jane. That might explain why his enthusiasm for some things (that he thoroughly enjoys in the moment) wanes. Maybe I look too enthusiastic? I'll have to test this out over the next few months.