Monday, March 12, 2012

Sparks Sleepover at Fort Edmonton Park

Meaghan and I had a fantastic weekend at her Sparks sleepover at Fort Edmonton Park. I was lucky enough to be one of the chaperones, and unlike Meaghan's first sleepover, that I rather dreaded but enjoyed, I was thrilled to be included in this one and looked forward to it.

After drop off on Saturday night our Fort Edmonton interpreter helped the girls make a wooden toy, and bake scones on the wood oven in Egge's house. Snack time followed and the girls got to eat their freshly made scones. So yummy, especially with jam.

Then we bundled up and headed out with snowshoes. I last remember being on snowshoes in grade 4. Most of the girls loved it, and it was great tramping around a big empty field that had been untouched since our last snowfall. Considering we've had such a little amount of snow this winter, our timing could not have worked out better!

After the snowshoeing we sat around the campfire, heard a couple of stories from our interpreter and sang a few songs. Then it was time for bed in Egge's barn. Surprisingly, the girls quietened down quite quickly and the lights were out by 10:30. I think a couple of flashlights remained on, but by 11 everyone was asleep.

On Sunday morning we got off to what appeared a slower start because of the time change. We headed back to Egge's house for some porridge, made by our interpreter. After breakfast the girls dressed up and made candles. Then off to a tour of the 1885 street where we got into some of the buildings and heard more stories about Edmonton in 1885. 

The sleepover ended at 11am, and quite a few of the girls looked exhausted. I bet none of them had any trouble getting to sleep Sunday night even with the time change.


  1. Sounds like a fun time. I went to a wedding reception in Egge's barn a few years ago - that building has a great feel to it. It's been many years since I snowshoed - late in my teens anyways and I remember it being a lot of fun and a great workout (which I'd appreciate now).

    1. I'm sure Meaghan will remember this weekend fondly all her life.

  2. Wow! Makes me wish I was young enough to be a Spark! Fun, fun, fun!

  3. My 2 daughters went on Friday evening with their brownie group. They stayed in the trading post and did so many fun things. I'm still hearing about it and have been asked "When do we get to go again?"

  4. Sounds like heaps of fun :) Thanks for visiting my blog TN :)

  5. This looks like so much fun!!!

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