Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Best Things: Spring Rain

Secretly, I'm rather thrilled it rained today.

A good spring rain instantly makes everything look lush and green. The last of the dust on the freshly swept streets gets pounded into submission. Soccer gets cancelled.

Ok, I'm a little torn about that last one.

Both kids are playing soccer this spring. They both love it, so much so that I almost capitalized the entire word "love". And, I love that they love it.

Here comes my but...

But, it's after supper two nights a week. I have morning kids. Early morning kids. They are awake and happy most every morning long before 6:30 am. To make sure they last through their day in a fairly content state, they must either nap or go to bed early. Napping just doesn't work for a kid in school, yet no one gets to bed early on a soccer night. After a full week of school and the two late nights with soccer, I actually fear Friday after school. No one has had enough sleep. No one has slept in. No one is all that happy.

So after a busy and wonderful long weekend, I'm secretly thrilled with today's rain, field closures and soccer cancellations.

Both kids were sound asleep long before their soccer games would have ended. With only one game left this week, I think Friday may turn out to be a rather terrific day.

Now, I may just go sit in a comfy chair by the window, watch the rain, and read my book.


  1. I am right there with you on this one - all of it (same in this house) - although you always say it so well. Hope you enjoyed your rainy reading!