Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Non-Stop Boy Noise

I had heard from friends that girls talk more than boys. Consequently, I imagined a quiet home once Meaghan went to school. 

I was misinformed. Not only does Eamon talk as much, if not more than Meaghan, he also manages to fit in sounds and noises. There's hardly even a quiet moment when he takes a breath since he can make a noise doing that as well.

I'm not complaining. I just wasn't prepared for non-stop noise:

Non-Stop Boy Noises

It wasn't always this way. Here he is in quieter times:

Beautiful Boy

But both kids are asleep now, so here's to a quiet evening!


  1. Great photos! Has he learned how to make farting sounds yet with his armpits? Beware!

  2. Oh well...who wants that much quiet anyway?

    Noise helps you concentrate!

  3. ah, looove that layout! welcome to the spraground creative team, tracy! so glad to have you with us! xox