Monday, May 7, 2012

Playing Favourites?

I know the kids don't need to be treated the exact same. It's impractical, crazy and not necessary. They do need to be treated fairly, and sometimes fair isn't equal. I try hard to live by that. Yet, I can't help but spend a bit of time checking in on "equal" as well. Based on last week's projects, I seem to have only one child.

Of the photos I used in my weekly Project Life (update to come as some point soon), more than half were of Meaghan. Eamon fared as well as the dogs with one photo each. The layouts I did this past week also heavily favoured Meaghan. And by "heavily favoured" I mean they were all of Meaghan.

Eamon did ok on the blog. He helped me take the May the Fourth photo, and that is him in the U5 photo, but it's still a weak showing especially considering I took the U5 photo with my less than spectacular iPod Touch camera.

He's not being ignored for any particular reason. He's been wonderful to be around, cheerful and easy going. He doesn't pose terribly well for photos, but I do have a fair number of decent ones of him. I guess he was just a bit overshadowed.

Anyway, now that I've noticed his absence, I shall endeavour to focus on him over the next week or so.

But, in the meantime, here are two layouts of Meaghan. Both done recently, but one photo from a couple weeks ago, the other from 2009:

Daughters are the Flowers

Path to Independence


  1. Yes indeed, a parent must have an even hand. Time to get out those "boy friendly" scrapbook supplies!

  2. Boys are trickier to scrapbook! And to dress, and to buy toys for and...need I go on? But I hear you--I struggle to keep things as even as possible with my two, in all areas of life. I think in the end, it probably all works out fair and square. Happy Mother's Day!