Sunday, June 10, 2012


My Superhero.
I knew girls loved to dress up, but I must admit, I'm a bit surprised at the extent boys - or at least my boy - will dress up. Not as a princess, but as a superhero.

I'm also surprised by the number of superheros that exist. Not just the ones I knew about: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and even Hulk, but all these other ones I'd never heard of before, for example, the Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America, Antman, the Wasp, etc. (In fact only recently I realized that when people referred to The Avengers they did not mean that terrific English spy series from the 1960s.)

And in this house, we don't even really know about the X-Men or Green Lantern yet.

Eamon rather enjoys the costumes with a few tried and true favourites:
  • Batman's "activity" belt, mask and cape
  • Superman's cape
  • Ironman's mask
  • Spiderman pyjamas
  • Buzz Lightyear pyjamas (which, by the way, are not made to endure a non-stop wearing over a number of days)

He has also moved into Star Wars masks with his favourites being the bad guys: Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

He still happily wears his costumes, or portions of them, when we head out and about. He loves the attention he gets. Not in a precocious way, but rather a quiet gleeful way.

Isn't it too bad that one day he's going to dislike this attention and stop wearing his superhero gear outside of the house. Maybe it won't matter. Given the beating these outfits take, they will likely not outlast his desire to wear them.


  1. He may grow up and start going to "comic cons" where many adults engage in "cosplay" (short for "costume play," I think). There's a whole subculture of adults dressing up as superheroes and fictional heroes (Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.). Eamon may just be getting started!!!!

  2. You're not alone--I thought the same thing about the Avengers!!
    My boys like dressing up too--great page!