Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blurb or Meaghan's Kite

Tough to pick a title today.

I know not all of you scrapbook, so I do try to tie a scrapbook layout into a bit of something else. I do this not just for you, but also for my Blurb book at the end of the year. 

The Blurb book is the photo book that "slurps" my blog posts and makes them into a great looking book. I find it's a good way to record bits of me and other stories in our lives that don't otherwise get told. I'm not good at consistently journalling and writing down what I want to remember, and there's no way I could ever scrapbook everything. So, by turning my blog into a photo book at the end of every year, I have a pretty good chance of including what I want to remember, or what I want the kids to know about me, into the memory keeping package as a whole.

But then I do a layout such as this one that includes not only the main story of Meaghan's new kite, but also of Kerry's and my memories of kites when we were kids. I don't really have anything left to say.

Surprised? I am.


  1. An annual Blurb book of blog posts ... Great idea!