Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Club

Sometimes you feel like you're the ONLY ONE that doesn't have something, or doesn't do something, and you feel left out and totally excluded from "the club" - whatever club that happens to be. And, it's almost always in your own mind.

Well, for almost two years now, Meaghan has felt totally and utterly excluded from the Missing Tooth Club. At first she was a bit overly dramatic by her imagined exclusion. But, by the end of Grade 1 she had more of a point. Even I was jumping on her bandwagon as I began to fear that Eamon would lose a tooth before Meaghan.

And then a tooth loosened ever so slightly. After non-stop wiggling, some Tylenol, and a bit of blood, she got that tooth out in record time.

Welcome to the club Meaghan.


  1. Aww sweetie! She's so cute!
    There is something so appealing about a toothless grin on a kid, xoxo

  2. Nice gap! I remember when I belonged to that club as a kid. Then when you get older, you often belong to it again but by then you can afford a cap or a bridge -- whatever will fill it in!

  3. And life goes on...we forget what a trauma this can be...good job!