Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleep Talkers

Kerry and Meaghan both talk in their sleep, mostly when they have a lot on their minds. I quite enjoy these middle of the night peeks into their inner thoughts. Sometimes I get to participate. I speak as though we are actually living the event and I usually end by telling them to not worry about it now because it's already been done.

I discovered on our honeymoon that Kerry was a sleep talker. In the middle of the night he leapt out of bed and was digging around on the desk for something. Not realizing he was still asleep, I asked what he has doing.

"THE TICKETS! We need the tickets! The conductor is coming along right now."

Good thing that I'm sometimes quick. We'd been taking a lot of trains and I figured he was looking for our train tickets. I told him I had the tickets and had already given them to the conductor.

"Oh. Ok."

He went back to sleep and had no memory of it the next morning.

Meaghan sometimes digs around for things in her room, but often she just shouts out things - mostly instructions to people, or to announce wrongs committed against her. But I think my favourite nights with Meaghan are when Kerry's out of town and she sleeps with me. Every now and again I get to hear her burst out laughing and giggle away without opening an eyelid.

Life is good.


  1. Sleep talking is almost always a fun time for those who hear it!

  2. What a beautiful page. I envy people who can do this--I have no talent in this area at all!
    My brother and I both used to walk around rambling in our sleep about things when we were kids. Those are some of our parents' funniest stories now!

  3. When my grandma was a little girl, her parents looked up one evening (after my grandma had been in bed for a while) to find her standing there, staring at them. They asked her what she needed, and she replied, "I need a teaspoon." When they asked her why, she said, "To feed the horses.". I don't know that the sleepwalking in my family started with her, but we've all done it, with hilariously embarrassing results!