Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Wheelin'

For a bit there I wasn't actually sure that Eamon would make the final leap and ask that his training wheels come off. He discovered earlier in the spring that with training wheels, he could do some terrific tricks on his bike; the best being to bike fast and then stand on his seat. 

He also used his bike at the playground to reach some equipment that he couldn't quite reach on his own. I can see how the absence of training wheels limits the practical, and not-so-practical, uses for one's bike.

However, there came a moment when he realized that the other kids on the street were on two wheels and he wasn't. The subtle, unstated peer pressure got to him. The wheels were coming off. He made the transition look easy. 

But the best part of two wheels: the current tricks are far less elaborate and at the moment limited to stopping fast to see if he can leave a mark on the road. I hope this trick entertains him for a long, long time.


  1. Such as cute page and an important memory to capture on a scrapbook page! Ahhh ... another step in growing up!

  2. Aww! He's so cute! I adore little guys on bikes!

    My Jig took forever to learn..then one day I went for a ride without her..and with her brother. Funny, she learned that night!

  3. He's a big boy now! No stinkin' training wheels for HIM! Lovely scrapbook page, BTW.