Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best Things: Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival

Before the kids came along, Kerry and I were regulars at the Fringe Festival. We bought and studied the program before the festival even started. We took days off work. We volunteered. We packed in the shows: the good, the bad and the ugly. Some people quote movies or tv shows; Kerry and I quote fringe plays we've seen together.

Once Meaghan came along our fringing started to change and almost stop, but our hearts remained as true fringers.

Now, the kids are old enough to go to the kids shows. We no longer scour the program front to back, but only the kids' stage page. We don't pack in a half dozen shows a day, but only two. And, we don't go for a half dozen days, only one.

I miss seeing the great stuff we used to see, but honestly, all that pales in comparison when I see the thrill and wonder on my kids' faces as they sit through their own fringe shows.

Actually, the kids don't always have to sit. In one of today's shows, "Monsters Under the Bed", every kid made it up on stage at least once to be part of the show. And while photography isn't allowed, no one stopped the parents from whipping out their phones to snap a photo or two.

Both kids were thrilled to be up on stage and will undoubtedly talk about it for quite some time.

And, by the way, Kerry and I aren't the only ones who quote from fringe shows. The kids still repeat their favourite line from last year.


  1. Man, you guys were die-hard Fringers! I have gone to a lot of Fringe plays too but I bow to your dedication! How wonderful that your kids are now making their own Fringe memories -- the tradition continues!

  2. Seriously?.....the Fringe real isn't THAT good.