Friday, August 3, 2012

Calgary Zoo, or, A Zoo is a Zoo

Home from a short holiday that took us to see family in Saskatchewan and then through southern Alberta. The kids squeezed in a fair bit of swimming and Kerry and I took it easy. Best of all, Kerry and I each managed to see a good friend from high school that we hadn't seen in far too long.

With our friends, I'm happy to report that even though it had been a long time since we'd seen either one, we happily picked up and carried on as if we had seen each other last week -- the true test of whether a friendship has survived time and distance. 

Another of our many outings included the Calgary Zoo. I'm not a fan of zoos and I try to avoid them, but with little kids that's tough to do. And, I've heard so very many people rave about this zoo, we had to check it out. However, at the end of the day, it's still a zoo. The penguins were rather fascinating, but I found them less so when I took note of the number of penguins and the actual size of their water park. Best not to overthink. The kids did enjoy it, although by the end they were happiest with the playground and the carousel.

On a positive note, it was fun to take photos of the animals. And I don't even care that Kerry made a comment on Twitter about people pretending to be on safari. A trek to the zoo will always be cheaper than Africa. 

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  1. I feel the same way. We were just there. I ended up leaving..feeling very sad for the animals. And I over heard kid saying the same thing to his Mum.

  2. A zoo will help so many more kids connect with nature than going to a safari in Africa and teach children about animal conservation. What's so sad about it? The animals in the zoos were born in capativity to begin with, they can't go back to the wild. There are no wild animals in acredited zoos in North America.