Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Summer officially ended yesterday with the start of school. 

I find the start of school interesting. There is a definite shift in our house that's easy to see. Even though the kids wake up at the same time, and Kerry leaves for work at the same time, I'm up and ready earlier. We eat breakfast right away and a couple household chores get done right away - and it's not even 7am! That was definitely not part of our summer. 

This shift goes well beyond our household. Our usually quiet streets were crazy busy yesterday morning with the back-to-school swarm of kids and busses. The grocery store was jam packed. Kerry reported that traffic was crazy on his bike ride home from work.   Even people without kids going back to school can notice the change in the day.

And, of course, we can't forget the weather. Temperatures suddenly seem cooler and more fall like once school is back in. The weather yesterday was cool, but it warmed up and turned into an ok day. Last week we would have clung to the warmish afternoon celebrating summer. Yesterday we stood around saying fall is here. The only difference is that school has resumed. 

I hope some remnants of summer linger a bit - especially the weather. But if they don't, the excitement of the new school year will make up for it.

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