Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer Album

I didn't  blog much this summer, but I did accomplish a few things around the house and yard. My favourite achievement by far is the summer album I did, with one page a day starting with the last day of school and ending with the first day of school. I did one last year and I loved it! Not very much from last summer got scrapbooked, but it doesn't matter with my page a day album.

Again this year I used the same format. I changed the size of the photos and the font. I pop in one photo or two, write a bit about the day, and I'm done. It's easy to keep up, and when I've fallen behind, it's easy to catch up.

Even though summer zipped along far too quickly for my liking, I did manage to keep up with the album. Now, I only need to do a quick proof read and send it off for printing as a photo book.

It's great when projects actually get done!

Here are a couple of my favourite pages:


  1. What a great idea! Your "Summer Album" is really a private blog, isn't it? And woo hoo, someone's a big boy now -- booster seat!!

    1. Never thought of it as a private blog, but it definitely is - except it's rarely funny, the photos sometimes are terrible, and it's not all that interesting to anyone but us. Mind you, that does describe some blogs out there, doesn't it.

  2. This is awesome. A page a day all summer - what a FUN idea! I agree ... you have to keep that kind of stuff simple or it would be too easy to give up. What a treasure!