Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Best Things: Our Beach

City Council started discussing the possibility of making some beaches along our river. People would not be able to swim, but could use the shoreline which would undoubtedly be covered in sand that had been hauled in from elsewhere.

However, none of the councillors seemed to realize that we have plenty of points to access the river right now. We can't swim in it, but the shore certainly provides us with a bit of beach and plenty of opportunities  to explore. It's not Hawaii, but it sure is cheaper and easier to get to than Hawaii.

We have one of these river access spots not far from where we live. We often make our way down there for the kids to play, explore and throw rocks into the river. Without fail, we see their imaginations kick into overdrive. Rocks, sticks and water. Who needs more when you start with a great imagination. We have never been disappointed with any trip we've made down to the water's edge.

During the final days of our gloriously warm and wonderful September, we made our way to our beach. I took the camera and ended up with this:

If you have a chance, take your kids and find your own little beach. You won't be disappointed.

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