Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Word of the Year

In my last post I mentioned my last two words of the year and how they changed my behaviour and impacted my life. Although I could easily have chosen patience again, I needed a new word. 

I wanted a word that would remind me to get things done around the house (do?), to get rid of all kinds of clutter in my life (purge?), to more actively engage the kids (engage?), to be more present with the kids (be?). But none of these words seemed quite right. I began to worry that I would not think of a word. 

And then it came to me: Action.

Dishes need to get done: Action
See dust bunnies running after the dogs: Action
Clean clothes need putting away: Action
Need to get rid of books in garage: Action (Even though I haven't quite sprung into action on this one, I will.)
Have some time with either one of the kids: Action (everything else can wait)

The word should serve me well. It will remind me to do things that should get done, or be done. And, hopefully with my interpretation of the word, it will help remind me what's really important when faced with a choice between cuddling or talking with with one of the kids, and anything else.

It's still too early to know how this word will work for me, but I have to say, just saying it makes me feel more energetic. I think it will be a good year.


  1. That's a great word! Covers a lot of areas.

  2. Action.
    And its such a nice sounding word too.
    I could use more action in my life too, especially in the time between a thought and when the moment passes. I miss a lot of opportunities to do good because I hesitate..out of fear? Insecurity? I don't know but I always regret it.
    I think you've chosen a great word!