Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best Things: Cycling

Last spring Kerry dug out his bicycle and went for some long rides. He's done this in the past, but this year the cycling bug struck. He decided he would try to cycle to work - about 11 km one way. He did -- all summer long.

Then, as the days grew shorter, the mornings colder and snow threatened, Kerry bought warmer clothes, brighter lights, and a studded tire. You see where this is going?

Yes, Kerry continues to cycle to work. Admittedly, his bike is stranded at work given the amount of snow we received yesterday, and that good amount of ice under the snow, but the bike will make it home tomorrow, and be ready to head back out Monday morning.

Crazy? Probably.

But, the cycling has been amazing for him. He looks forward to heading to work in the morning. He comes home more relaxed than he ever has. He's the fittest he's been since I've known him. All good things! I tease him, but really, I'm thrilled he's discovered something he loves. 

Generally, I like to have a photo or a layout, or something to add to the words. But I don't have any photos of Kerry in his winter gear. It's dark when he leaves and it's dark when he gets home. Maybe next week I'll follow him out onto the street to get a photo of him in the dark cycling through the snow. 

In the meantime, I do have a photo of his winter helmet:

Can you tell he's a Rider fan?

And until I get a photo of his winter cycling, here's a layout that reminds me there are plants and pavement under all of our snow.

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