Thursday, December 27, 2012

The New Year Fast Approaches

WOW!! Christmas has come and gone and we are only days away from 2013!!

I'm pleased to say Christmas was wonderful -- but how could it not be with believers in the house! One small downside - Meaghan was sick Christmas Day. Not the horrible, wipes-a-person-out sick, but the slow moving and quiet I-feel-terrible sick. She at least opened her presents, but there wasn't much playing going on until today.

I fear today that Eamon is now sick. He's just woken up from a rather long nap, but now has a fever and his tummy hurts. I hope he rebounds as quickly as Meaghan. And, at least it's cold out so I don't mind being a bit housebound.

I'm still working away slowly on my December Daily. I'm not quite to the middle of the month yet, but will keep working away on it into the new year. I'll share some of those layouts then.

For the moment, here are my three layouts from the December Scrap Pack at Scrap Stacks: 

One Story Down Collaboration - Nonsense

Traci Reed - What a Man 

Studio Basic - When I'm Offline

In my mind I'm going to have another chance to sit down and write up another quick post before we head into 2013, but my mind is a glorious place that's not always in tune with reality. So, in the event I do not make it back to my seat…

Bring in the New Year with style!!!

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