Sunday, January 27, 2013

Changes and Layouts

I can't believe that my poor blog has fallen silent. In my head I've got plenty of posts, I just need to sit down and write them now.

But I haven't forgotten totally about my blog. If you look, you'll notice a couple of changes. I have now linked my domain of to this blog, and then added some pages for my photocard business. I decided it was easier to have everything of mine end up in one spot on the web.

I have been busy with some layouts with month. Here are my layouts using January's Scrap Pack that you can purchase at ScrapStacks until the end of the month. You'll get four kits for only $5US.

I love photos taking of people walking away from me. I take so many my kids may actually wonder some day what their faces looked like at this age.

Lauren Grier - Remember When

Living in this part of the world, we can either hate winter and be miserable much of the year, or just embrace it and make the most of it. I try hard to appear to the kids that I love winter and the outdoor fun we can have. Luckily, down the back alley from us we have a terrific berm that is perfect for sledding if you are under 10. Although the kids can take their own sleds up to the top, they do love it when Kerry pulls them up on the toboggan.

Aimee Harrison Designs - Winter Warmth

I love Disneyland, but I will never, ever go on the teacups because spinny rides finish me for the day. However, everyone else in the family loves them. So, I stand waiting and watching. I found a terrific way to pass the time by trying take a successful panning shot. I take dozens and dozens. Sometimes, one even sort of turns out.

Scrap Matters Collaboration - For the Boys

Outdoor soccer registration opened up last week. Plus, the days are getting noticeably longer. Summer is not too far off.

Melissa Bennett - Follow Your Bliss


  1. Your photos are beautiful!!!!!

  2. You've got such great pages! I especially like the photo of the cousins walking away hand in hand. I LOVE that kind of photo! It's so real life and unplanned! ... Also ... love the soccer picture blended into the wood paper!