Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Glorious iPhone

Last spring Kerry bought an iPhone. He loves it -  everything about it. Turns out, I love that he has it too. He started taking photos with it. Thanks to this phone we now have photos of Kerry's life whether at work, with the kids, or out and about. I'm always thrilled to see a photo pop up on our photostream that he's taken.

Secretly, I rather coveted his phone. I'd love to have the phone, camera and access to the web all in one small and portable device. But oh, the cost! So hard to justify, especially when I'm at home most of the time. My pragmatic old style phone really met all my needs. Besides, my old phone did have a little camera that took very low resolution photos that I could text myself for a small fortune. (It did have a cable to attach to the computer to download the poor photos, but I misplaced that ages ago.) Unfortunately, the photos were beyond terrible. Even trying an "artsy" edit didn't fix them.

But then, the iPhone 5 came out. Suddenly, the iPhone 4S was virtually free. Oh happy day!!! How could I not get one? Oh to have that camera….

So, I took the plunge and got my very own iPhone.

I love it. And what I love most is the camera. I now have it with me all the time when I'm out. I'm amazed at the great moments that I can now capture thanks to the phone. That alone has made it worthwhile.

I never would have take a real camera skiing with the kids. But I will have my phone.

I know Meaghan skied backwards, and I still find it hard to believe, but here's the proof:

This next photo is not the best one of everyone, but I love it because I took it on the chairlift at our nearby ski hill.

Without the camera phone, I never would have gotten a photo of the city workers coming by and clearing the windrows. It just so happened they turned up on the street moments before the school bus.

Another plus, it also takes video. I rarely took any video, but am finding now that I do pull out my phone more. For one thing it's with me. But it's also way more discrete than a camera or a camcorder. I've captured a lot more of Eamon's noisy play with my phone because to him, it's just the phone.

And finally, one last reason why I love my iPhone: I can check the school board's website for late buses when we are standing at the stop waiting for a bus that may not come!


  1. Enjoy your new phone! It's so great to have a camera with you all the time! I wonder how I got by without my phone before I got mine! (I was also late to the game ... I've only had mine for a year!)