Saturday, February 23, 2013

February's Scrap Pack Layouts

Only a few days are left to grab this month's Scrap Pack - four terrific kits for only $5US. Here are my layouts using the kits.

This year at our school bus stop two other girls join us. One is Meaghan's very good friend, which has been fantastic! I love that they play these wild imagination games at recess, and that these games carry over from day to day, and include an element of serious planning. Here they are waiting for the bus writing down the names of their imaginary horses they train at recess.

Flergs - Big Ideas

Eamon decided to play indoor soccer this year. He loved it! He ran lots and didn't even really care whether he got the ball or not. Lucky for me, the day I took my camera he had the sudden urge in the game to get the ball and zip right past me. I love it when his timing is spot on!

Meredith Cardall - To Bee or Not To Bee

I love Disneyland and I love how the kids feel in Disneyland. We really are surrounded by magic when there. Here's a shot of Eamon from last year while watching the parade. He really was blown away by the entire spectacle of it with the characters, the music and the dancing. I can't wait to get back!

Gotta Pixel Collaboration - Love is in the Air

I know that most kids eventually learn to read, but I am still in awe that my little Meaghan can pick up a book and then read it!! It does not seem that long ago that I held her as a newborn and read aloud the latest Harry Potter release -- at least when she was awake I read it aloud.  It was an awesome bit of self-indulgence.

Anna Aspnes - ArtPlay Palette Enamored


  1. Aaah,nothing like reading a good book!

  2. Cute pages Tracy! I adore that photo on the Magic of Disney. He looks positively entranced!