Monday, February 4, 2013

Ice on Whyte

It thrills me that our city is trying its best to embrace winter and provide some fabulous outdoor actives and festivals.

By far, my favourite of the winter season is Ice on Whyte - a 10-day festival that features ice sculptures and ice slides. That may not sound like much, but if that's the case, you've never been down an ice slide!

The ice sculptures are unbelievable! It's amazing what these artists are able to achieve. However, I have no photos of any sculptures because on this gloriously warm evening, our group was all about the slides.

The kids' area: smaller slides for smaller bodies.

Before we headed over to the big slides, we stopped for a bit of maple syrup taffy. A hearty thank you to the anonymous woman on her way out of the festival who gave the kids each a ticket for one of these treats.

 We didn't wait quite long enough, but the kids were both so keen they didn't care it hadn't gotten quite cold enough.

Then off the the big slides!

The kids managed to get down all the slides, more than once. Kerry and I even took our turn --  hurrah for slippery snow pants and parkas. I may not have looked fashionable in the least, but I went mighty fast and far down that big slide -- especially compared to the more fashionably dressed who stuck a bit to the ice.


  1. The coloured lights make them look even more fun!

  2. We went our first year here and I loved that event!