Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project 365

I've always been intrigued by trying to take a photo a day for an entire year, also known as Project 365, or P365. However, that's a lot of days. And, while taking the photos might be doable, actually doing something with the photos is a completely different story.

Two years ago I tried just doing a monthly recap. I managed to keep that up for five months.

Last year I started Project Life, and stuck with than through to the beginning of July, skipped the summer because I do a photo book for that, and then valiantly tried to resume in the fall. I still plan to try to add a few things from October and November, but frankly, I've lost interest.

However, now I own an iPhone 4S and it's fabulously portable camera. As a result, I'm taking a whole lot of photos that I just would never have taken before. I felt like I needed to give one of these projects another try.

P365 here I come!

I have to admit, I'm helped out with this project by using my iPhone and an app called "Photo 365". It reminds me every evening to take a photo for the day. If I've taken one I can pull it over from my phone album, or from Photostream. If I haven't taken one, I'm reminded to get one. Once I have the photo and I can a comment with it if I choose to do so.

The app displays the month and shows my photo from every day: 

I've mentioned this App to my friend Leanne. She downloaded it right away. However, what surprised me was that her husband was using it more than she was!

I also mentioned it to my brother. Last I heard he was keeping up with the photos and the comments. He'd been trying to figure out a way to record things his daughter says and does, but sometimes the words need a photo, or the photo needs the words for a complete record. This app solves his dilemma.

However, the problem with the App is that it doesn't have anyway to easily print the photos and the comments.

My solution:

My solution is a bit more work that simply having everything automatically import to somewhere, but if I can keep this up beyond May, I won't complain.

In my next post I'll mention a way to use your smart phone to easily keep up with P365 and to end up with a fabulous photo book at the end of the year!

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