Monday, March 18, 2013

Ear Piercing

The most anticipated and talked about event in Meaghan's life right now happened: She and two friends got their ears pierced!

The girls have talked about it for ages, and finally, Saturday was the day. We met up at the mall amidst nervous laughter and brave smiles. 

They had decided among the three of them the order they would go. They chose well.

Friend O went first. She breathed deeply while waiting in the chair and had a look of fear that will likely never be replicated. Her wait seemed the longest, but wait she did. Soon, she had a woman at each ear, a quick count to three, and voila, her ears were pierced. She was tough; only a few quiet tears at the end.

Meaghan went next. Let's just say that I'm surprised we didn't clear out our corner of the mall and bring in a tactical unit with her screams that sounded like a torture victim. Afterwards she told me that her crying made it hurt less. When the volume had escalated before anyone stood anywhere near her, I did give her to option of backing out. Through her tears she told me she wanted to do it today. Peer pressure? I think so. 

Friend M went last. I give this gal credit. No way I would have been able to go after listening to Meaghan. But M hopped up on the chair. We heard the women doing the piercing count to three and then M let out a little "Yahoo". I don't think any tears dropped from her eyes.

As I said, they chose their order well.

After the tears, the hugs, and some laughter from the entourage of mothers, fathers, an aunt, and siblings, the girls were smiling and enjoying first a sucker from the ear piercers, and then a frozen yogurt treat together. 

I suspect that Meaghan's friends, like Meaghan, then spent the rest of Saturday admiring their ears in a mirror.

I know what a big deal the ear piercing is for Meaghan. I vividly remember Dad taking me to get my ears pierced when I was in grade 4. I am thrilled and grateful that Meaghan has friends with whom she shared this momentous event. I am also grateful that I am friends with the moms of these girls. We now all share this single event and our memories of it will be repeated and shared in a variety of ways in years to come - regardless of what those years hold in store for us. But that's for later. Now, let's focus on keeping these holes clean and free  of infection.


  1. Yes, a big day indeed in a girl's life. I was 13 when I got my ears pierced in 1970. It wasn't fashionable yet so I was quite the rebel, LOL! I had to get them pierced by a doctor and needed to produce written permission from my mother.

  2. OMG - I am laughing and crying at the same time as I am reading this. What a wonderful memory and you've captured it so well for Meaghan when she is older and sees it as a different kind of momentus event. She looks so adorable!

  3. You've done a beautiful job of preserving this memory. I remember going with my mom when I was about 5, which would have made it the late 70's. So the pictures of that would've involved a lot of polyester. Maybe it's best I have no pictures!