Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Gap

No. Not the store. Not Bank station on the London Tube. Rather, Meaghan's missing tooth.

Yesterday while on the playground Meagan got whacked in the face by some boy's arm -- an accident by the way. Her sort of loose tooth suddenly became really loose. She wiggled that tooth the rest of the day. It  became so loose that her excitement levels soared to the point that she barely slept after 4 a.m. for fear that she'd either swallow the tooth, or that it would fall out and she'd lose it in her bed.

Fortunately, what could have been a very long day for the tired girl was saved completely by the fact her tooth fell out at school! Big excitement when a tooth falls out at school. Those lucky kids get to make the trek to the office for a little box for their tooth. Meaghan's box is shaped like a tooth, has a happy face on it - and for the trifecta of tooth loss - it's purple.

As for the gap, it has almost been fully explored and discussed. However, I think Meaghan will still have a few more thoughts and comments on it in the morning. I just hope she can hold off until well past 6 a.m. to share these thoughts with me.

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  1. And what a lovely gap it is! I hope the Tooth Fairy is extra nice to Meaghan!