Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Loving School

Eamon had his first big public performance on Sunday at his preschool's Mother's Day Concert. He was superb. In fact, his entire class was superb. Every single kid in his class stood nicely, sang, and did the actions. So impressive.

While I would like to take great credit for Eamon's performance, the fact that everyone else in his class was equally fabulous tells me something about his teachers. Clearly, they are doing something right.

This something right goes beyond the concert. Eamon loves going to school. He can't wait to get there, he has such fun while he's there, and he's a little disappointed when it's time to leave there. 

But what I'm most pleased about, he cannot wait for Kindergarten. He wants to get to the big school and be there with his friends, his sister and all the other big kids. He wants to ride the school bus and come home by himself on it at lunchtime. He wants to get serious about learning some more French. 

I recognize that throughout the rest of his schooling, not every day will be fantastic. In fact some stretches will be downright miserable.  But I'm so very grateful that he hasn't yet discovered the downside of school and that he truly believes it's one of the best places to spend time. And for that I have only his kind and wonderful teachers to thank.

So thank you Mme. Danielle and Mme. Sonia!

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  1. May he always love school like that! It will bode well for his future. And wow, look at those hats!