Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soccer Season

Soccer season has begun. Monday through Thursday after supper will find us at a soccer field with one of the kids. Late nights by our standards. By Friday, both kids are wiped out. But we wouldn't change a thing. The running, the smiles, and the looks of absolute glee on their faces makes every night fantastic. Plus, this year both kids have friends on their teams, terrific coaches, and by the looks of things, great teammates as well.

One surprise this season: all of a sudden Meaghan has taken note of some soccer styles. Clearly, long soccer jerseys are simply unacceptable.  At least they were this one particular night.

As the game progressed and ties fell out and were quickly forgotten by two of the girls. But for at least a few minutes of play, the fashionistas took the field by storm.

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  1. That is such a time commitment--you're one awesome parent!! Great layout!