Thursday, October 17, 2013

Harry Potter Mania

Recently, Kerry started reading the Harry Potter series to Meaghan. He has created a monster. She cannot get enough of Harry and his magic pals.

In addition to reading the book, the  DVDs have suddenly made their way to the tv, and the Wii game has been getting a whole lot of use.

She talks about the story non-stop. And I mean non-stop. On Monday we went for a walk down in the ravine. We were gone almost 2 hours. She talked about Harry Potter the whole time  shifting seamlessly from book to movie to video game and back again.

The questions were endless:
What's your favourite book?
When did the first book come out?
Have you seen all the movies?
What's your favourite level [on the video game]?
Who's your favourite character?
Is Snape good or bad?
How did Peter Pettigrew end up as Ron's rat?
and on and on and on.

But we did sort out:  
She would be in Gryffindor and I would likely be in Hufflepuff.
If we were teachers she would be Professor McGonagall and I would be Professor Sprout.
She would be Harry.
Neither one of us would like to own a rat.

She even has Eamon in on the action. Our deck has now become a training ground for broom flying. Here is Eamon with his Nimbus 2000:

I haven't escaped the mania either. Last night I dreamed I was in Hogwarts with some wizards. That's bad enough, but I find it quite troubling I was in the video game version where things glowed purple and I could use magic by simply flicking my finger as if my hand were holding a video controller.

However, what I find most surprising in this frenzy surrounding Harry Potter is that no one wants to dress as any Harry Potter character for Hallowe'en. Perhaps they are waiting for the 30th to announce a costume change....


  1. It's staggering how much kids love Harry Potter, isn't it? If I were young again, I'd love him too!

  2. Harry Potter is so're a little behind the curve.

  3. We went through a huge Harry Potter phase here for a while. My oldest ran around with a chopstick trying to conjure up a patronus. Have you had a look at the Pottermore website? We lost interest pretty fast, but it will sort you into a house, so that's kind of fun!
    Enjoy it--I miss this phase!