Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today is my birthday and it's as close to Thanksgiving as it ever gets. So, as I turn a year older and look at my life as it stands right now, I have a lot for which I am thankful.

There's always the obvious: great husband, fabulous kids and good health all round. And let's be honest, those three things alone make every day mighty fine regardless of what else is going on around us. But we are so fortunate in that everything going on around is rather outstanding as well.

I could list a whole lot of things for which I'm thankful today, but am only going to mention five.

Today I'm thankful for:

1. The terrific teachers the kids have. Both of them love going to school every, single day. Given that there are a whole lot of years of it to come, liking it will make it much easier to endure in the tougher times that are bound to come. 

2. Netflix. Yes, this makes me sound shallow, but it has given Kerry and I many wonderful nights of inexpensive entertainment at home together. Because I would like to stay home and not re-enter the workforce with guns ablazing, I'm all about saving money. With Netflix we save oodles compared to going out, and don't feel that we are missing out on anything.

3. Our neighbourhood. So many terrific parents with equally terrific kids all within a few blocks of us. 

4. The city's river valley system and living so close to it. Heading down to the river and the paths and trails gives us such a good dose of the outdoors and nature. Better yet, it's all within walking distance of our home. Such a fabulous, easy escape from city living.

5. The internet. The wealth of information we have at our fingertips anytime, anywhere astounds me. Thanks to it I am able to keep up with ease with what's going on in the world, find easy ingredient substitutions for recipes - after finding the recipes, stay in touch loosely with acquaintances and friends, order so many gifts so that I can almost avoid shopping all together, learn or see pretty much anything I can think of, and so very much more. We live in a fabulous time.

I hope you enjoyed some turkey and took a moment to think of a few things for which you are thankful as well.

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  1. Your kids are getting so big! Love their happy smiles!