Friday, November 1, 2013


Today the kids have big bags under their eyes, bellies full of candy and chocolate, and smiles on their faces after a great Hallowe'en yesterday.  

No other night of the year do the kids in the neighbourhood wander around the neighbourhood randomly bumping into each other. Our kids ran into most of their neighbourhood friends while out and about. Those friends came to our house, and my kids stopped by their houses. While handing out candy, I saw some parents I only see on this night every year, and saw parents I see all the time. Kerry, who took the kids out, also came across those neighbours he only sees on Hallowe'en. 

And the costumes! Some are wildly fabulous. Others, not so much. But every kid smiles just as widely and excitedly as every other. I have no doubt that my kids aren't alone in talking about their costumes for months. Eamon is already deciding what he'd like to be for next year  (Draco Malfoy).

A definite highlight of last night had to be the fabulous weather. Last year the kids endured snow and a nasty windchill. So much better last night. No snow, and acceptable temperatures that meant a hoodie or a couple layers of t-shirts sufficed under a costume rather than needing to resort to a parka.

Not surprisingly, the night ended with a close examination of the haul of candy. The full-size can of pop garnered the most attention and excitement - especially since they got to choose their flavour from the flats of pop near the front door. The full-sized chocolate bars came next on the list of favourites. I have to admit, even I am in awe of those handouts. And the rest of the little chocolate bars, marshmallow candy, sugar candy, bags of chips, and other treats  did not go unnoticed or unloved.

So until next year neighbours, thanks for the fabulous night!!

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  1. Those are great costumes! Yes, didn't we luck out this year with lovely weather!