Friday, November 22, 2013

My One Little Words: A Recap

For the last couple of years I've chosen a word for year. For me, it's a word that helps me focus on something about me that I'd like to change, or at least tweak.

I try to choose my annual word around my birthday in October only because it seems a less like a resolution for the new year, which for me has been difficult to sustain beyond January. But by picking the word in October I have it for a couple of months and then the new year hits. Even if I peter out with it by March, I've tried to work with it for a few months.

My first word was patience. Such a great choice in so many ways. Throughout that year I would repeat the word as the kids took their sweet time getting out the door, as they fooled around at bed time, or when they just happened to be driving me crazy. It also helped me not get so wound up about people (and the things they do) over whom I have no control. 

I chose listen as my next word. Again, a terrific choice. Throughout the year it reminded me to pay attention to the natural rhythms of the house. For example, the kids jump out of bed ready to start every day way before I am ready to even open my eyes to look at the clock. Even though I'm not keen on such early mornings, by starting my days earlier life became better. By feeding the kids as soon as they wake up gives them so much free time to just play when they aren't tired and grumpy. It became much easier to get done any school work, or home reading, or dictée/spelling. I also made a concerted effort to not just spend time with Kerry in the same room, but to talk and really listen to what was going on in his life and with us.

Last year's word was not as successful: action. I started the year thinking it would be a great word because it could mean so many different things. Frankly, it started to mean too many things and became a bit overwhelming. I did think about limiting the meaning, but I even had trouble with that.

And we are now close to the middle of November. I've been slow in choosing my word, but think I'm ready to make the commitment. Maybe. I have my word narrowed down to three. I'm going to think about it over the weekend. Then, next week I'll let you know what it is.

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