Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Little Word: I Finally Make a Decision

I dithered with the choice of my new word this year. I really thought I ought to choose patience again. It seemed lame to repeat a word, but I really am trying to have more patience and be calmer in life. 

But then, my wonderful yet aging parents struck. Days before returning home from a lengthy holiday Mom texted to say she needed a prescription filled and wanted it transferred from her pharmacy in her town, to one near me. Easy, right? Well, it would have been easy if her pharmacy was open more than 9-5 Monday to Friday. Or if her pharmacy would have checked the fax number of my pharmacy when the fax didn't go through, rather than just setting it to the side and forgetting about it. Or, even easier yet, if her pharmacy had given her enough of the medication to get her through her vacation like she asked them.

I decided to point out to mom that perhaps she needed a new pharmacy.

And then it hit me. She won't  change her pharmacy. If I choose the word patience, I would patiently explain to her a dozen times, or more, why she should change pharmacies. But she won't change. Ever. She'll always be with that pharmacy with their crazy hours and unhelpful employees.

The word I really need to choose is acceptance. Acceptance that she will never change pharmacies and I will never change her mind. So let's just get on with things.

I got a bit excited over this word. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it's what I need. It's patience kicked up to the next level.

Rather than get annoyed by people and their actions, I need to simply accept them for what they are - because they are never changing - and just get on with my life. I really do need to learn that I can't do everything, I don't need to do everything, and my way isn't the only way.

This also works with the kids. If I ask them to make their beds, I don't need to be patient with them, I simply need to accept that the job they do will be different than what I would do, and that it's ok.

I hope too that this word will help set me up for a continued good relationship with Meaghan as she begins to approach the more difficult years. We are different people. She will never be me. I don't want her to be me. But as she gets older I need to make sure that in our everyday interactions she understands that I definitely accept her for exactly who she is.

Acceptance. I think it will be a great word for me this year.


  1. Yowza, that IS a great "year word!" Something we could ALL stand to practice more in our lives too.

  2. Fantastic word. A great ideal .................... I wish it could be my word. But my word is still "bananas" .............. but I'm working on something better. ;) Lovely blog. Thank you for sharing.