Monday, January 6, 2014

And the routine resumes...

It's been a mighty fine couple of weeks. No school. Kerry was home. No commitments of any kind. It remained fabulous despite the fairly persistent cold weather, the tummy thing that circulated through all of us, and the fact we thought our dear old dog wouldn't see very much of  2014.

But this morning Kerry has returned to work - secretly I think he was pretty excited about cycling again, the kids are back at school - they too were pretty excited to get back to see all their friends, and I'm postponing the morning's errands that include some groceries to stop by here and catch up a bit.

Just before I head out though, I leave you with just a couple of photos. 

One of our dog. He's doing much better after getting on some meds and it doesn't appear that his end is imminent. But I did take a photo before he recovered. I've never, ever gotten a photo of him lying down with his eyes open - his stay command has always left a lot to be desired. But I suppose when you feel like garbage staying is suddenly much easier.

And these next shots are how to keep warm while skiing in cold weather with a wind chill.

Because who doesn't love wearing a ninja mask. It's not nearly as cold this morning, yet both kids wanted to wear them to school. They didn't wear them, but I'm sure there'll be colder weather yet to come so they can.

Unfortunately, we didn't think of these awesome little hotties until after some toes were cold on the ski hill, but they did save the day in the end. 

Now off to some shops I go.

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